" For James Cash, the metamorphosis from human to animal constituted a permanent state of being ".


    James Cash dreams and has strange visions populated by beings that are half human and half animal. Furtive shadows dart in and out of his environment. Silhouettes with bestial faces; jutting, aggressive snouts. By a curious phenomenon of semi-lucidity, he manages to control his train of thoughts, but he remains incapable of influencing how these entities act. It is as if he were watching a film in 3-D.

The half-man/half-animal aspect is an integral part of the character known as James Cash. For James, the metamorphosis from human to animal constitutes a permanent state of being.

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In another apocalyptic vision, James Cash sees his friends, a dozen men and women all present and moving about. The vision is a battlefield with cadavers strewn over the ground; enemies lunge at him and fire away endlessly... At long last, he awakes.


    In the jungle of Vietnam as well as in the jungle of the cities, James Cash is propelled by an instinct from the depths of time that wells up within him and inhabits him. He struggles to comprehend the reasons for his own behavior, becoming conscious little by little of the invisible forces of the universe.
    As for the motives that propel him into action, he himself finds them difficult to fathom. Perhaps they spring forth from a certain ancestral trait he inherited, or perhaps the celestial bodies designated him for a mission known by only the gods above.

"I believe that within me there is a mark of some branding iron and that nothing can ever remove it. It’s hard to fathom. It’s like a calling." ...
He lifted his head up toward the stars:
"Way up there is where everything is worked out, where it’s all determined. Often, I come close to the truth. I latch onto snippets of the explanation, and I know that there is something beyond this earthly plane."

During one of his trips to southeast Asia, on the border between China and Vietnam, James Cash meets the supreme master, a warrior priest adept in the Taoist philosophy (*) who is his spiritual mentor. He gives Cash the points for finding The Path.

(*) Tao is a principle that governs the origin of life and is the "Flow of all things." The ideogram is usually translated by "The Way" but also means the "power within and behind Nature" and animating the cosmic forces.  (Quid 98, Úd. R.Laffont)

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