James Cash visits a temple on the border between China and Vietnam, home of Shaoling priests, masters in Taoist philosophy (an amalgam of spirit, nature, and ancestor worship). Under the direction of the head priest, the supreme master, the priests reeducate him according to the rules from the depths of time. The supreme master immerses him in concepts that leave an indelible mark on his spirit:
    "We know your path. Fight hate and corruption... To lead your battle, do not think. Before each act, search your soul. Instinct is a manifestation of the universe and you must let the universe penetrate you. Thus, you will distinguish between good and evil and work in harmony with the forces that you call the cosmos. Search within your soul and your soul will answer".

The masters teach him how to use his hypersenses to the utmost. Nevertheless, they warn him to steer clear of any abusive use of them as this could lead to irreversible damage.


It is in this temple that James has to go through an initiation rite that any man from American or European civilization cannot withstand without being led to the verge of insanity. But he gets through the ordeal before reaching the psychological breaking point and finds himself fantastically enriched by the experience.

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