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   James CASH


   United States


   1.85 m *


   80 kg





                  (*) " I am 1 metre 85 tall without my shoes "


  • Single-parent upbringing


  • He joined the Army when he was eighteen years old


  • Nature: a bit cynical and sarcastic. James Cash always attaches the utmost value to the messages sent by his subconscious.


  • When we find James Cash back in America a friend of him asks if he is still working for the Agency. 

He answers: " I canít stand the smell of sewers anymore... "


  • When he returned to civilian life, James Cash created a company - with his personal apartment included in the office. He bought it with the help of funds raised during secret missions and which source is inexplicable.


  • Recurring nightmare: he remembers a torment in Vietnam and sees the mangrove swamp when the tide was rising around him, crawling with hideous animals under the surface.


  • J. Cash : " I want a joker... Billy the kid. "  (Billy Cobb's nickname)

Colonel Kelly : " What? You want the kid to move into the attack?... he has not enough pratical experience. If you are a realist... "

J. Cash : " We get on well together. He is too old to wet the bed. Do you give him to me?"

Colonel Kelly : " O.K... try to keep him out of danger "


  • Billy Cobb (James Cash's partner) : " I have permission to stay here as an observer. "

  • James Cash : " O.K! You are here as an observer "


  • Aboard an helicopter circling over San Diego Bay, James Cash and Billy Cobb (the young FBI " observer ") are tracking invisible mobsters who kidnapped a police woman. To find them, James sharpens his hearing and focuses on a coming and going radio signal transmitted by a beacon far away. The pilot turns several times over the bay, and Cash succeeds in tracing the tonality back it's source :

" We picked up the "bip"... Everybody shut up! I want to hear this signal! Itís our target, fellows..." Cashís left hand was clenched on Billyís shoulder who felt the slightest impulses of the latter. As in Santa Monica Mounts a strange frenzy was creeping over Cobb. He was almost able to feel his passengerís train of thoughts and was vibrating identically.



                                                  *             *




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