The story of a former American GI with incredible hypersenses

In the jungle of Vietnam:

The beginning of the story tells us that James Cash, an intelligence officer in the US Army, had been sent out on a flight assignment over Vietnam, right into the operations field.

  Set up by the CIA, the mission takes a turn for the worse. His aircraft crashes practically in the middle of the Vietcong troops, and he is trapped for eight solid months in the jungle, rubbing shoulders with death, enduring great physical and mental pain. But an instinct from the depths of time wells up within him and takes over as an absolute necessity. For Cash, the metamorphosis from human to animal constitutes a permanent state of being. While he occasionally curses this mutation that controls his being, he knows that he owes his survival to it.


  Six and a half years after the crash:

We find James Cash back in the States where he quickly becomes involved in the fight against Organized Crime. As his strange fate would have it, he winds up hunting the all-powerful murderers in the

jungles of modern cities, in cooperation with the "untouchables" of the FBI's W.H. unit. One of his partners is a young federal agent (Billy Cobb) assigned strictly as an observer but who actively takes part in the action.



As time goes by, James Cash learns to control his hypersenses


At the beginning of the CASH series (Hurricane over White House), James barely escapes a bomb blast targeting him. The person responsible for the bomb attack is a mentally deranged former CIA executive. Having survived the blast, James first experiences problems with his eyesight and hearing. The disturbances come and go, and are impossible to predict. These phenomena of hyperacute eyesight and hearing (which he chalks up to as being mere hallucinations) are incomprehensible for the hospital doctors treating and running tests on him. A specialist whom he meets at the hospital later explains to him what these oddities are. As time goes by, James Cash learns to control his hypersenses unknown to the average Joe. They allow him to pick up sounds that are completely inaudible for any other human, and to see at stupefying distances. He finds himself endowed with other hypersensory faculties: night perception, danger alarm, and many others. Sometimes they start out with migraines and he may also lose awareness of his surroundings. Throughout his assignments, James Cash fights for justice, using his hypersenses, which allow him maximum efficacy in combating Organized Crime.

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