James Cash acquired the ability to see far beyond normal distances. His hearing was also multiplied by the same proportions.

A specialist explains the phenomena that Cash had taken for hallucinations at first.


  When James Cash's hyper-visual perception kicks in, with its zoom-like effect, things go blurry at first, then his close-up vision provides stupefying clarity and accentuated relief.

Throughout his adventures, James Cash, for example, gets a tight close-up view of a sniper on the roof of a distant building, follows the flight of a bird as it flies away, recognizes the weapon of a killer 200 yards away, spots an insect 150 feet away, etc.


"He could clearly see that it was a woodpecker, and watched the flight of the bird as if he were looking through a zoom".


Driving in the traffic, James Cash notices a car following him. Focusing on the view mirror, his hyper-sight gets sharper and sharper until he can see the silhouette of the driver framed by the windscreen. His face is not unknown to Cash.




  James Cash can pick up amazingly distant sounds that are completely inaudible for any other human. For example, he can hear the groans of a patient in a hospital far away, a heart beating, heels pounding the pavement, the particular sound of a liquid being poured into a glass, a clock ticking, etc.


When James Cash uses his night perception, his surroundings become startlingly clear with perfectly outlined details. For example, after reaching the doorstep of a tiny dark room, James Cash immediatly identifies an intolerable smell. Through his night vision, he can sharply see a body in a state of putrefaction.


On several occasions of impending danger, James Cash feels intense pain that is both cerebral and physical. His entire being begins to vibrate at an incredible frequency. It's a warning signal that he cannot afford to neglect.


By slipping into a state of complete physical relaxation, James Cash taps into his astonishing memory. With extraordinary rapidity, he dives in to extract pictures and impressions furrowed deep away and then compares them to recent events. This technique sets off the projection of a film; although incomprehensible at first, little by little, logical signification falls into place allowing him to fit together the pieces of the puzzle at hand.


In the apartment of a former Hollywood star: Although wounded by gunshot, James Cash uses a brain-wave management technique to regulate the level and intensity of the pain he feels, then to neutralize it entirely.


In one of his adventures, James Cash is able to feel, in very precise circumstances, the electromagnetic fields in an apartment. This ability permits him to discover a miniaturized radio transmitter hidden in a briefcase.

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