"For Cash, the metamorphosis from human to animal constitutes a permanent state of being".

"In the jungle of Vietnam, an instinct from the depths of time wells up within him and takes over as an absolute necessity".



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CASH - A French literary series (12 books) - has been published in the eighties in France, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece, and Portugal. CASH, an up-to-date series with amazing new developments.

The main character, James Cash, is a former American military officer who fought in the Vietnam jungle and was in the commandos as a CIA agent on secret operations. Cash survived a military aircraft crash and spent eight hellish months in the jungle. Six and a half years after the crash and his return to civilian life, Cash barely escapes a bomb attack planned by a psychopathic former CIA executive who was barred from the organization because he was mentally deranged. While hospitalized and undergoing medical tests, James suddenly begins to pick up on noises at incredible distances. 

Furthermore, he experiences sensory troubles and weird visions what he first believes are hallucinations. But a specialist finally explains to him his anomalies that are incomprehensible for the doctors treating him. He said: "Such a case has already been reported... You'll end up feeling like a voyeur from very far away and you'll tune in on your neighbors' conversations".
James Cash understands that he possesses but can't control his new
HYPERSENSES. Soon, however, he becomes familiar with the onset of pulsating migraines as his hypersenses kick into gear. It is during his trips to an isolated temple in the heart of a Southeast Asian jungle that he meets priests of the Taoist philosophy (a mix of worship of spirits, nature, and ancestors). Under the direction of the head priest, the supreme master, the priests reeducate him and teach him how to domesticate and use his strange faculties to the utmost.




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The temple - The ordeal
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Law Suit / Paramount

James's new hyperacute sensory faculties also include: night perception, danger alarm, electromagnetic charge detection, hyper-perceptive memory, pain control, and others still. Sometimes, the use of his hypersenses brings about a typical phenomenon: he momentarily becomes unaware of his surroundings.

In the fight for justice, James Cash hunts down powerful and "respectable" murderers. Combined with an instinct from the depths of time, his hypersenses constitute an advantage against the mobsters of Organized Crime. His one and only goal is to make them bite the dust. He knows that while everything has its price and that even a conscience can be bought, in the end, everything has to be paid... CASH.

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