The CASH series :

He picked up on noises at incredible distances and he had strange visions, that the doctors treating him could not comprehend.

A crowd had gathered in front of the university. "Did you hear me, ass-wipe?" yelled the young guy behind him. Cash suddenly spun around. His right hand gripped and flexed on the collar of the student that he had raised half way off the ground. "He's kinda stoned," said a girl.

"Such a case has already been reported" said the specialist.

"Hey, that's magic... How the heck can you see so far?"

"They say he has supernatural powers, that he can see and hear things far away. Do you think he has magic antennas?"

Then a slight, fleeting pain shot through his head and his eyesight became strangely acute. "Hey! Where are you Cash?" asked Olivia Walsh as she studied him without understanding. He froze in place, as if he were closed off to the outside world.

Sometimes he would go off to remote places, far from any human presence, and take solitary walks to recharge his batteries.

He had seen bodies burnt by blowtorches or slashed by razor blades... Long days of torture worthy of Nazi methods. He shuddered at this thought.

"I belong to Amnesty International," the young woman told Cash. "My people have never been so oppressed. If we can quickly build up a popular movement, the whole world will take notice of us, and maybe your government will intervene."







Legal Copyright : 1979
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11/28/1979 : the millionth Cash book has been sold. On this occasion, a reception took place at the famous Terrasse Martini at the Champs Elysées in Paris.



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