The author of CASH series:
Gérard CAMBRI.

Gérard Cambri has also published over 167 other books. He is one of the most creative writers in the field of action literature. Besides Cash, he has written several other adventure novels, as well as science fiction.

But Gérard Cambri isn't just a writer. At the age of 18, he enlisted as a volunteer with the French peacekeeping forces in the Algerian War. He learned weaponry, become an expert marksman, and joined the commandos operating in the Sahara Desert. He got his pilot's license at the French military base Colomb Bechar and then participated in tactical support missions.

In 1968, Gérard Cambri was awarded the Ciceron prize for his spy novel entitled Sarabande pour 3 Spéciaux. Then in 1976, he was awarded the Adventure and Action Novel Prize. In 1979, he was awarded the Star Editions prize for his book, La Tourmente des Invisibles.


A reporter in Paris 

G. Cambri reigniting the flame to the Unknown Soldier at the Arc of Triumph in Paris, France.


Writer, reporter, private pilot, kung-fu expert, stuntman... He leads the life of a adventurer in a novel.

Sign of the zodiac
: scorpion, lion ascendant

Chinese astrology: tiger


Western horse riding. A real passion.

In Corsica

Philippe riding his horse Jericho

In an entirely different field, Cambri won the 1963 International Astronautics Prize for his aeronautics and astronautics research and for his involvement in the first civilian French rocket launching at La Courtine. This international prize was awarded in the presence of Russia's top cosmonaut, Youri Gagarine. 

In Colomb Bechar, Sahara Desert, during the Algerian War (left)

1963, receiving the International Astronautics Prize at the Hotel Lutetia in Paris, accompanied by Youri Gagarine. Top photo: G. Cambri on the right standing profile. Bottom photo: second from the left.

Another passion: flying planes.


After an aerobatic flight, with his son Hubert :

His son Philippe before an aerobatic flight with France champion Claude Roux :

Before take off : Philippe and Gérard


Philippe: as a musketeer.

 Hubert :  "Have fun ! "

 Gérard Cambri's supporters :

his twin sons.


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